We are lovers who do not know how to be friends. We are friends who do not know how to be platonic. We are the piles of unmailed letters that linger in your desk drawers, addressed with my name, dated two years ago. We are postcards with Wish you were here! written in bad cursive large enough to excuse the lack of a real sentiment. We are bouquets of fresh cut flowers already wilting, because we don’t know each other well enough to buy something that will last. We are the feeling before a kiss, anticipation of creation, of sparks or fireworks or gunshots aimed straight for the heart. We are the unopened text messages, the unread Facebook notifications, the unanswered voicemails, the ever-present What if?s that keep the world up at night. We are the magicians that have forgotten the code of never telling the audience that we are mortal just like them. We are priests who have learned to pray to the wrong god asking for the wrong thing. We are lovers who do not know how to love. We are friends who do not know how not to love.

"I never understood why it was somehow superior to be a joiner. Being an introvert is judged in some extreme way, as if you’re lacking some ability to cope because you don’t drink beer and smoke pot in someone’s basement. Introversion is distrusted - it makes people nervous. Maybe it seems like we’ve got secrets. They think the secret is you’re depressed or something, that’s why you don’t seek their company, when the secret is really that you’re happy and relieved and almost flying at the near-miss escape of not having to be in their company. You’re looked at like you’re seriously lacking, when the only thing you feel lacking in is the ability to be an introvert in peace."
— The Six Rules of Maybe, Deb Caletti

look over here, look at me, i am right next to you

look over here, look at me, i am right next to you

Trouble Maker - ‘내일은 없어 (Now)’ M/V

Trouble Maker - ‘내일은 없어 (Now)’ M/V

"And in the end, we were all just humans drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald  (via lushclub)

“If we say ballads are feelings poured into set melodies, rock songs are songs that you don’t care if the singers lose their voice or are not in tune. This feels good. This is freedom. Your pressure is released especially when you belt out the high notes. This can’t be expressed fully by language. Happiness, sorrow, shout and scream, you finally feel freed when you let off steam through letting go of your emotions and feelings in rock music.”— Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Esquire Magazine

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“I’ve a positive character. Rather than saying I’m full of confidence, what shall I say, I may look arrogant. I think importantly of myself. If a person belittles himself, he really does get treated (that way). I’m of valuable existence and will be able to do well, and the chance will come. I repeat this chant endlessly. If that is done overboard, (you) may become proud, but to a certain extent, for the sake of confidence, I think the chant/charm is necessary.”

"I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."
— Oscar Wilde (via enkelthed)
Track Title: 햇살 좋은 날 (feat. 이상곤 Of 노을)

Artist: 김재중

Album: 햇살 좋은 날

“The images also signifies Kim Jaejoong’s determination to break away from the set image and prejudice against him by standing on his own two feet firmly on the ground. He also wants to express that freedom is not unconscious resistance for people but it’s the ability to express themselves as they are.”

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